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Anders Andersen


    [Anders] Department of Physics
    Technical University of Denmark
    DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

    Phone and E-mail

    Office phone: +45 45 25 33 12
    Laboratory phone: +45 45 25 31 03
    E-mail address: aand@fysik.dtu.dk

    Scientific Interests

    My research focuses on experimental studies of fluid flows in a variety of physical and biological systems. I work currently on three main topics, namely structures and instabilities in free surface flows and rotating flows, fluid mechanics of swimming and flying, and plankton hydrodynamics. The problems that I consider are typically strongly non-linear and involve processes like vortex shedding, flow separation, and fluid-structure interaction, which are of fundamental importance in complex systems physics and challenging to address theoretically.
    [Bubble Formation] [Copepod]

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