Homepage of Brian Seger

I am currently an Associate Professor in the Surface Science and Catalysis section at the Physics Department at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). I am member of the Villum Center for Sustainability (VSustain), thus a large amount of my research focuses on this section.  To contact me my email is brse@fysik.dtu.dk.

My research is focused on accelerating the transition from a fossil fuel and chemical based society to one that is based on sustainable energy and chemicals.  To understand where we are now, and where we need to be, see my powerpoint I use for the introductory lecture to my Physics of Sustainable energy course here.

My research can be broken down into 2 main thrusts: Photovoltaics and Electrocatalaysis.  This has led to project based on 1) Photoabsorbers and Photoelectrochemistry, 2) electrochemcial CO2 reduction, and 3) partial electro-oxidation of alkenes.  Click on one of the links below to learn more about one these focuses.

Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Electrochemical Partial Oxidation Reactions   Photoabsorbers & Photoelectrochemistry
In our electrochemcial CO2 reduciton group we are focusing on transforming the chemical industry into an electrochemical industry by using cheap renewable electricity from wind and solar as well as CO2 as a feedstock to make high-value chemical products. In our partial oxidation group, we are investigating the partial oxidation of molecules to high-value chemical products.  Our initial focus is on oxidizng propene to acrolein, acrylic acid, propylene oxide, but not CO2. In our photoabsorber group we are focused on 2-photon tandem devices for either photovoltaics or photo-electrochemical water splitting devices since both require the same materials.  Tandem devices give higher efficiencies than single photoabsorbers which have almost reached their thermodynamically maximum efficiency.
CO2 reduction Propene watersplitting device
Courtesy of Jakob Kibsgaard from Kuhl et al., JACS, 2012