Useful Companies

Companies to buy chemicals from:

Sigma Aldrich - huge selection, good price, normally fast delivery.

Merck Chemical- huge selection, good price. Typically highest purity of any company.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Johson Matthey- big selection, mostly metal based materials.

Fischer Scientific- big selection, good price


Optics companies

Thor Labs - Relatively fast and cheap. Wide variety.

Oriel/Newport - Probably the highest quality and resepctable prices.

Ocean Optics - Cheap, portable solutions


Companies to buy consumables/small lab equipment

VWR- huge selection, approved for use in laboratory setting. However expensive compared to a regular hardware store.

Fischer-Scientific- huge selection, approved for use in laboratory.


Companies to buy large equipment

AJA- Vacuum equipment. We have one of their sputtering systems and our happy with it

Lesker- Vacuum equipment. I have seen their systems in work and they seem good.

Shimadzu- They sell GC's, UV-vis, etc.

Agilent- They sell GC's, UV-vis, etc.


Other useful Companies

Lab-X- A respectable place to buy used laboratory equipment