Working in Our Group

My research work is very closely tied to that of Ib Chorkendorff, Ole Hansen (from DTU Nanotech), Peter Vesborg, Sebastian Horch, and Jakob Kibsgaard thus anybody working with me would probably have some relationship to some of  these other professors as well. All the aforementioned professors are part of the Villum Center for Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals, and all our research is focused around the core goals of that center. Our group consists of Masters students, PhD students, Post-docs and visiting students and professors. We even have some Bachelor students doing small projects or Bachelor projects, thus we are a quite diverse and inclusive group. If you would be interested in working in our group, below I have listed potential ways, which you may be able to do that.

Masters Students

Currently I do have some potential Masters projects regarding electrochemical CO2 reduction. Typically we only work with Masters students who are enrolled at DTU. If you are a DTU student who is interested in this, please contact me. There have been multiple cases where Masters students from other universities have worked at our group, however they provided their own funding and simply were here to visit. Their degree ended up being from their home institution.

PhD Students and Post-Docs

New positions for both PhD and Postdocs are continually opening at DTU physics. Per regulations, all of these open positions can be viewed and applied for at the following website: Simply apply, and the person reviewing all applicants (normally the professor) will choose the best candidate.

However there may arise the situation where you want to do a PhD or post-doc, but there are no open positions. In these situations you could potentially find your own source of funding by some type of grant. In this case you would still need to be approved by the university, but this is typically done in coordination with applying for grant funding. I am familiar with a few grant schemes and have listed them below. If you are interested in trying to work with me and are thinking about applying to any of these grant schemes or other ones you are familiar with contact me directly.

Post-Doc Grant Schemes

Important Note: My comments on the grants may not be completely accurate. Sometimes the organizations change their policy or potentially I could have misinterpreted their application. See the funding agencies website for the most accurate, up to date information.

HC Ørsted Postdoc:
---Who can apply: Non-Danes moving to Denmark and wanting to work at DTU. You can't have lived in Denmark for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.
--- When to apply: The deadline is not really set, but in looks like it will be near the middle of February, 2019
--- What they offer: The post-doc is for 12-24 months, but only covers your salary and not research costs. I believe we could easily cover your research costs at DTU, but I  have to check to make sure on a case by case basis
--- Application: 4 pages
--- Website:

Carlsberg Foundation:
---Who can apply: Anybody who wants to do a post-doc in Denmark who has a previous 'strong connection'  to Denmark or Danish Research. You must have defended your PhD by the December after the deadline.
---When to apply: They fund post-docs and the application deadline is Oct.1.
--- What they offer: Salary for 1 year + 4000 kr/month for research costs. You can get this extended for up to 2 more years if you can get co-financing from DTU.
--- Application: 2 page research plan plus 1-3 recommendation letters.
--- Website:

Villum Foundation:
--- This organization provides a large amount of funding for different research applications.  Currently they do not have any active post-doc funding programs, but they have in the past.  This is a very dynamic funding agency so new oppurtunities could occur on any given month.

EU Grants -
--- The European Union has a wide variety of grant schemes. I am not familiar with all of the schemes, however if you are interested below is their website  One of the most popular programs is the Marie Curie program for people who are looking for a Post-doc position not in their home country.

Visiting Professors

We do not have funding to support visiting professors, but if you have your own funding we would be happy to discuss potentially having you visit our lab for an extended period of time.