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Ole Holm Nielsen, PhD

My position is Senior HPC Officer for supercomputing at the Department of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark.

My professional background is in theoretical solid state physics, primarily electronic structure, total energy and stress calculated within the Density Functional Theory.

In the summer of 2002 we built a 2.1 TeraFLOPS Linux cluster supercomputer NIFLHEIM out of 480 desktop PCs, which was one of the fastest computers in Europe at the time of installation. In 2017 NIFLHEIM (after several generations of hardware upgrades) has about 11000 CPU cores and 235 TeraFLOPS peak performance, and continues to provide an important infrastructure for the department's research. See also the Center for Atomic-scale Materials Design (CAMD) homepage.

Slides of talks:

Some older scientific papers:

You can send me E-mail at the address Ole.H.Nielsen (at) fysik.dtu.dk.

Check the Center for Atomic-scale Materials Design (CAMD) for more information about our activities.



Dr. Ole Holm Nielsen
Department of Physics
Technical University of Denmark
Building 307
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

E-mail: Ole.H.Nielsen \at/ fysik.dtu.dk
Telephone: (+45) 4525 3187.
Fax: (+45) 4593 2399.
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